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How to Connect with Your Ideal Prospects Fast without Paid Ads

anthonymanly | February 12, 2021


I’ve always been a student of marketing. Specifically direct response marketing.

It has intrigued me how online marketers are able to quickly establish themselves as an authority in a marketplace and selling their products and services to aspiring entrepreneurs that want to attempt o reproduce their success.

So, here I was, March 2020, sitting on a train coming home from my job at the bank flicking through an article on my mobile phone that talked about dynamic response marketing when an idea came to my mind.

It clicked with me just how many of these Internet Direct Response Marketers had been using free Facebook™ Groups to connect with their ideal perfect prospects.

So, today I’m going to show you just how lucrative it is to set up a free Facebook Group and connect with your ideal perfect prospects so that you can potentially offer your services in a non salesy, sleazy weirdo kind of way.

This is important to understand because Facebook hands down is the best platform on the market for building a business.

There’s no tech to struggle with and everyone’s familiar with how it works.

There’s a large percentage of people who use the platform on a daily basis, and many of these people like to be in groups so that they can share experiences, knowledge, and generally give advice (provided they’re not posting memes about irrelevant stuff that no-ones interested in(.

So, connecting with your ideal prospects and asking them to join you in a free group where you share similar interests should be fun and you do not need to pay for expensive ads or post endless amounts of organic content hoping you’ll attract the right people.

Here’s a three-step process you can apply right now to start building a free Facebook™ Group that you can turn into a business and fast.

Step 1

Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper (yes pen and paper does exist believe it or not) and write out

  • Who is your ideal prospect?
    • Think about there their age
    • What they currently do for a job
    • What they wear
    • How old are they
    • What they like to watch on TV and so on
  • Then write out, what can you specifically help them with.

For example

Your “who” might a guy named Rick, a 45-year-old dad of 2 who has a nagging wife that always points out just how dumb he is for buying a course to learn about marketing on the internet.  His kids are always taking up his time leaving him up late at night to learn about internet marketing.

Your “what” can you help Rick with might be something like, how to create cool video scripts for Facebook Lives.

I think you get the picture here.  By doing this simple exercise we have managed to identify who our market is and what we can help them with.

Step 2

Next, where do people like Rick hang on Facebook?  This step takes a little bit of time however once you identify some groups via the Facebook™ search feature and you join these groups as a member you are well on your way to connecting with them.  You only need to target 3 to 5 groups and when you have the next step is to leverage a simple piece of software that finds your perfect future clients to start conversations with them.  This software is inexpensive, and as a bonus, you’ll get 14 days free access, so you;; have your first connections without paying a cent.

Step 3

Finally, you’ll learn the 9 organic social post types that will have you starting conversations with your new prospects so you don’t come across as salesy and weird.

Sounds simple and is simple.

If you want to connect with your ideal perfect prospects then go here now and register for the “Get Clients Challenge” where we will walk you through step by step how to do this process.


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