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Why do successful Business Coaches Dominate their Market?

anthonymanly | February 10, 2021


The most successful coaches dominate their markets because they have 100% certainty in what they’re offering to the market.

They have supreme confidence in what they sell.

And they know, their products and services deliver the desired transformation to their clients, moving their clients from where their current frustration to their desired end state.

Here’s the good news….

You can also create the same 100% certainty and gain confidence.  One of the ways to do this is to employ the rule of one.

So, what is the rule of ONE?

This idea of the rule of ONE is not new, so what is this rule?

  • One product
  • One offer
  • One target market
  • One advertising channel to market your offer
  • One way to convert prospects into paying clients

Why is this so powerful? It’s powerful because the rule provides you the ability to master the way you convert prospects into paying clients.


A great example of the “rule of one” is the choice of your marketing channel.

Imagine this.

You have Brad, the business owner, who’s trying to market his business’s services in three channels at once.

His competitor, on the other hand, works hard to master just “one” channel. He fails, gets back up, learns, pivots, and keeps focussed on his vision.

Who do you think will achieve better results?

If you try to do too many things at once, you’ll master none of them. And while you’ll achieve some results, the person who masters a single channel will achieve 10x the results.

They’ll build a solid presence in that channel. As a bonus, they’ll learn all the strategies to make a particular channel extremely effective.

The same applies to your conversion tool.

Don’t try to close your clients on Messenger, email, phone, and a dozen other places. Choose one and master it.

Do you feel comfortable on messenger? Then focus your efforts there.

I encourage you to choose a channel and focus on it for the next 90 days.

Which one will you be focusing on?


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